Atul Gawande on How the Senate Bill Would Contain the Cost of Health Care

Posted by Nolan Miller on Dec 17, 2009

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Atul Gawande just wrote (yet another) great piece on health care reform for the New Yorker.  Rather than spout off about it, I’m just going to copy a particularly interesting paragraph and give you the link.  Enjoy.

“There are, in human affairs, two kinds of problems: those which are amenable to a technical solution and those which are not. Universal health-care coverage belongs to the first category: you can pick one of several possible solutions, pass a bill, and (allowing for some tinkering around the edges) it will happen. Problems of the second kind, by contrast, are never solved, exactly; they are managed. Reforming the agricultural system so that it serves the country’s needs has been a process, involving millions of farmers pursuing their individual interests. This could not happen by fiat. There was no one-time fix. The same goes for reforming the health-care system so that it serves the country’s needs. No nation has escaped the cost problem: the expenditure curves have outpaced inflation around the world. Nobody has found a master switch that you can flip to make the problem go away. If we want to start solving it, we first need to recognize that there is no technical solution.”

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