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Posted by admin on Oct 28, 2010

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Around the Web in Public Policy

Paulson Looks Back

During a discussion on the financial crisis, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said that there was no other choice but for the government to let Lehmen Brothers fail.  He went on to say that the situation involving Lehmen Brothers was significantly different from what Bear Stearns and AIG were dealing with.  Paulson attributed the fundamental difference to the fact that “They had a capital and liquidity problem and no buyer”.  He went on to say “to me the big thing is if an institution should fail in the future, that no institution should be too big to fail.”  Other highlights from the article include details of the intense teamwork that went on between both major political parties and Paulson’s praise for the financial reform bill recently passed.

Jobless Claims Drop

The numbers of new jobless claims has dropped to a three month low (after being seasonally adjusted).  This new data provides some with hope that things are continuing to get better even though the unemployment rate continues to hover around 9.6%.  With the Fed announcing that unemployment and low inflation are their primary concerns as they figure out their plans to target bonds in the coming weeks.

Companies Seek to Keep Greenhouse Data Secret

The Environmental Protection Agency is attempting to release greenhouse gas data collected from companies to the general public.  The businesses are fighting this issue as they say it will reveal companies secrets to competitors and claiming that the public does not have a right to know the information logged in the EPA’s database.  The EPA counters that in order for the data to be verified and accurate, it must be made public allowing 3rd parties to check the information.